A Change of Address

Hello, lovelies!

If you’re looking for The Villain Authoress, I must redirect you! I’ve changed my blog address to The Gingerling. If you’re still up for hanging around and haven’t tired of me yet, head on over there. ^_^

I decided to change the name for a few reasons (if you’re curious):

1) I didn’t like TVA very much (I made it when I was, like, 13, so I wanted a name that could grow with me and I think The Gingerling will do that).

2) My post topics have broadened to encompass more than just writing, so I needed something more general.

3) I think the Gingerling is an adorable name (because I’m a ginger and stand between 4’11” and 5′ tall).

I hope to see you over there! 😀